Seminar at IRISA-University Rennes1

A Survey on Fault Detection and Localization in WDM Optical Networks by Elias A. Doumith.

Abstract: Recent advances in WDM technology enable an optical fiber to carry up to 200 wavelengths operating at 40 Gbps each. In such networks, service disruptions caused by network faults (e.g., fiber cut, amplifier dysfunction) may lead to high data losses. Therefore, it is mandatory for a network operator to be able to find such faults promptly. Fault detection and localization in meshed WDM networks have been deeply investigated in the literature. Numerous schemes have been proposed to achieve fast but accurate failure localization. In this field, four main paradigms have proved their mettle, namely link-based, cycle-based, trail-based, and tree-based monitoring schemes. The aim of this seminar is to introduce the aforementioned monitoring schemes, describe the proposed approach for an optimized utilization of the network resources, and provide a comparative study of their deployment cost.